Grant Guidelines

Grant Administration

  • The Cullen Foundation accepts online grant applications only.
  • The Foundation focuses on initiatives that impact the Greater Houston area.
  • The Foundation supports a variety of charitable activities, including cultural arts, education, health care and public service programs. Please refer to the Foundation’s mission, vision and guiding principles to better understand the Foundation’s priorities.
  • Submitting organizations must be a 501(c)(3) organization described in section 509(a)(1), (2), or (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. This includes public charities, governmental organizations and eligible supporting organizations. Organizations will be reviewed throughout the process to verify eligibility. The Foundation does not make grants to businesses or individuals nor does it make loans of any type.
  • Grant applications are accepted online throughout the year for review by the Board of Directors. The process generally takes several months therefore applicants should plan accordingly if funding is desired by a certain date.

The Board Prefers Not to Consider

  • General operational support to an organization’s budget.
  • Galas, testimonials, and various other types of fund-raising events.
  • Organizations that in turn make grants to others.
  • Activities whose sole purpose is the promotion or support of a specific religion, denomination or church.
  • Purchase of uniforms, equipment, or trips for school-related organizations or amateur sports teams.
  • Applications from an organization more frequently than once every twelve months. The twelve-month period starts on the date of the last grant payment if approved or the date the last grant was declined.
  • Applications from an organization that has received a multi-year grant from the Foundation until twelve months after all payments of that grant have been made.